Today's bar study affirmation: I have the drive of a champion!

Recently the Golden State Warriors bested the Cleveland Cavaliers in a five series championship playoff. You might think that basketball has little to do with bar study, but you can all model your quest for triumph on the Bar Exam after the drive, determination, and sense of team demonstrated by our new NBA champs.

Last year at this time, the "Cavs" were down 3:1 and became the first team in the history of the NBA to come from a 3:1 deficit to win the championship. History was made when the Cavs, despite a formidable opponent and all stats to the contrary, swept the remaining games. This year it was the Warriors who were confronted with a change in leadership mid-season. But the players adjusted to a new coaching style and storied criticism about the team's new roster. Kevin Durant ("KD"), the embattled MVP, shook off all criticism. He rose to the challenge and did not alter his game or his focus when the crowds boed him. The naysayers made him all the more hungry to win a championship ring with his new team.

If your law school has a history of poor bar performance, if you are a repeat exam-taker, or if your background suggests that you are an at-risk taker, follow KD's lead. There is no shortage of media reports recounting data that purports to show how "less able" today's law grads are to pass a bar exam. Pay no mind to data. As the current group of bar takers, you can decide whether to conform to these statistics or to OVERCOME them. WHEN YOU PASS THE BAR IN RECORD NUMBERS this July, you will prove wrong all the naysayers and belie the statistics, just like KD did when he won his first championship ring and accepted the MVP trophy.

If you are a repeat taker, take a lesson from the Warriors. What happened last year has no bearing on THIS YEAR, except to serve as a driving motivation for success. If you are a first-time (and last-time) taker of the beast of all exams, you can out perform every statistic, and every prior group of bar takers. Learn that you may need to switch teams, and withdraw from dysfunctional study groups, or walk away from a bar review program that has not helped you get your performance numbers to where they need to be. The class of 2017 bar takers can set records for bar performance. This is your year and your time to show everyone what you can do with focus and hard work, and when the results are in you will be recognized as the CHAMPIONS you are.