I've worked in bar prep long enough to know that there is a difference between studying for the bar exam and passing it. Every year, in biannual cycles, I see groves of students who make the transition from bar study to bar passage. When they come into my office with their questions, I answer them with a quirky smile because I know that they have already begun the process of passing the bar exam. How can I tell, you ask? Bar passers dress differently, speak differently and their interactions with others are like no others.

Even in the heat of summer, a bar-passer wraps herself in a blanket like a burrito and accessorizes it with a purse. A bar passer wears socks with sandals; Christmas socks at that! Bar passers know that they cannot control the climate at their designated study area, so they dress for a blizzard and a heat storm at the same time. Bar studiers will complain and/or relocate when the building temperature is untenable. Contrast them to bar passers who, if the fire-alarm sounds, must see smoke or actual flames before willfully leaving the building.

A bar passer is unmanicured, has no fade, no edge up, and dons facial hair somewhere in the range between Malcolm X and Rick Ross. A bar passer is never criticized on his appearance or personal hygiene because bar passers only affiliate with other bar passers and they don't notice ANYTHING that is not tested on the bar exam! I could brush my teeth with garlic cloves and wear Albacore as face cream, and a bar passer would not notice it if I were succinctly explaining the Rule Against Perpetuties.

A bar passer may weigh 20 pounds more, or 10 pounds less, than when bar study began. A bar passer will eat anything in the vending machine. Anything. Bar studiers make plans for a lunch break or they may ask you to meet them for lunch, and then they have lunch meals that are eaten with utensils. Bar passers, in contrast, will forget to remove the wrappers from their microwavable burritos.
Bar studiers ask questions and want answers. Bar passers ask questions that they know the answers to, because they need to hear themselves say it out loud. A bar studier will seek out and amass every outline or study aid available. A bar passer can look at any material and determine in five seconds or less whether it merits a three-hole punch and a slot in that clutch bar notebook. Bar studiers don't have time for social media or e-mail. Bar passers can take a few minutes to read a blog about themselves and chuckle, just before they bite into that partially unwrapped multi-layered vending machine sandwich, that upon information and belief, is chicken salad.
Today, decide that you are a bar passer!