It's graduation season. Law students across the country are donning purple draped hoods to memorialize the fulfillment of the juris doctor requirements. Family, friends, and loved ones journey from distant miles to witness and celebrate your accomplishment. As you rightfully relish in the glory of the day, lurking anxiety bubbles within because you know that the bar exam awaits in the shadows. It may feel as though all that you have achieved hangs in the balance of your bar exam results. Please do not let the trepidation of tomorrow outshine the sheer joy of today. Bask in the glory of no longer being a law student. Relish the now distant memory of your last law school exam. Reap the benefit of the three-year investment in yourself and your future. Take pride in this well fought victory. Reward yourself with a few days off between graduation and bar study to detox from assignments and citation practice. You owe it to yourself to savor these short moments of freedom.