Today's bar study affirmation: I am facing fear with nothing left.

Whether it's your simulated exam score or disappointing performance on graded essays . . . it is about this point in bar study that the fear hits you: "I could actually fail this exam." What will I do? Will I lose my job offer? How will I get a job? How will I repay my student loans? What will my friends think? Why didn't I start earlier . . . get help . . . take that class in Family Law or Secured Transactions?
The questions and the fear are part of the process. It is perfectly normal to be afraid. From this point forward you will face down that fear. Let the fear of failure mobilize you, not paralyze you. If your study program has not worked effectively, make changes now. Get out of the house and head to the library. If the video lectures aren't giving you everything you need to completely answer the essay questions - open your outline books and read the rules you need. Invest in your success - hire a tutor. If your law school has bar prep resources - use them.
Don't stop fighting now, you are so close to the win!