If we track the lives of great actors, athletes, political leaders, and other celebrities, we'll find some major comeback that catapulted their career success. Public figures who have mastered the art of the comeback transform their reputations and eradicate public recall of scandals, felonies, fraud, deadly associations, and political defeat. The setback is never as good or as lasting as the comeback.

As you prepare for the bar exam you face daily reminders of your setback. Maybe your setback was a previous bar exam failure. Maybe your setback was not finishing law school with the ranking or job opportunity that you envisioned when you entered law school. Maybe your setback is trying to juggle a full-time job and raise a family, while your peers bask in the seeming luxury of full-time bar study and an arsenal of supplemental resources. Whatever your setback, it is the gateway to the greatest comeback of your life.

Instead of allowing your setback-circumstances to define your mood, attitude, or approach to bar study, let your setback elevate you to greater heights. While your classmates post updates about their first jury trial or their swear-in ceremony, view the statuses with resign, not regret or envy. Create your own motivational memes and superimpose your face or name in the depiction and see your future "firsts". While you struggle to squeeze three hours of study into a long work day and feed your children from bags acquired at the closest drive-thru, think of how much you will impress your next job interviewer as you explain that you passed the bar exam while working full-time and raising a family. Pledge today to reform your thoughts. You are not struggling through bar study. You are making your comeback.