Today's bar study affirmation: Hit ignore.

Career coach Michael Peggs gave this advice to business professionals facing criticism, "you can choose to listen to the skeptics, or hit the ignore button." Taylor Swift, in her own way, showed us how easy it is to shake off the haters. But that about the hater within? Too often when the stakes are high, and especially during bar study, we stir up our own hater-aid. I've overheard students say, "I am never going to learn all these essay subjects", "I am going to fail the bar", "I can take it again in February", "There's just too much going on in my life for me to study properly".

You may need to mute your inner monologue, if it is filling your mind with self-defeating prophecy. Each time a fear-based thought tries to creep in, block it like a call from a telemarketer. Your daily bar study affirmations are an exercise in mindfulness to allow you to meditate on your positive potential. For the next six days, the only atttitude you can afford is a can-do attitude. Repeat this affirmation until it becomes your reality: I can and will pass the bar. I am worthy of a bar card and I am making plans for my life as an attorney.