Today's bar study affirmation: Focus on the outcome, not the obstacles.

Today's affirmation sends direction to keep your eyes on the prize and to not be distracted by any temporary setback. If the study rooms at school are too cold, wear a jacket wrap yourself in a blanket. If there are no seats left in the room for the bar workshop, take a seat on the floor. If you missed 14/25 MBE questions, make 14 flashcards and write the rule for each question you missed and keep it moving. If you don't have a study partner, grab a 2L, a teacher, a roommate, or a stranger and ask them to quiz you on your flashcards.

The process places problems in front of the promise. You must get past the problems in order to realize the promise. Here's a special affirmation for repeat bar takers with a special set of obstacles (like working during bar study): Look past the problems and notice second chances appearing for you to regain what was lost. Don't hesitate to go again and receive what was always rightfully yours!