Today's bar study affirmation is incomplete.

I know I am going to pass the bar because I didn't give up _________________ to not be licensed.

What have you given up, sacrificed, surrendered, lost, ignored, missed, put off for your bar study efforts? During bar study some of you got divorced, got served, moved out, moved back home. Others had to leave your children with family or friends, or had to incorporate your children into your bar study. You have neglected your loved ones and yourselves. You borrowed money: for a bar course, to eat, to live. Some of you quit your job for full-time bar study, some of you lost your job because you couldn't keep up with the hours. There are some who were not successful at a previous attempt and now you face the stigma and financial distress of repeating the costly process of bar prep.

No dollar amount can truly capture the REAL COST of studying for the bar. It costs thousands of dollars, days without sufficient sleep or food. There is a toll on your body, your back, your hands and your eyesight. Even in the face of vacuous resources there are not enough minutes of time to memorize all that you need to know. You want to hear every review but cannot afford to go to any more. You know more law than you have ever known . . . and still don't feel smart enough.

You're in a tailspin of transformation, but you will come out alive. You are seven weeks into the metamorphosis that transforms you from law student to attorney at law. Hold on. Your study will not be in vain. Today say confidently, first to yourself and then aloud to others:

I KNOW that I am going to pass the bar because I gave up too much not to!

And the bar church said . . . Amen.