My affirmation to the summer 2018 law school graduates: You'll pass the bar, one step at a time.

Right now your attention is pulled in many directions: preparing for your last law school exams, finishing that paper that you are too emotionally disconnected to really care about writing, making logistical arrangements for family members who are traveling to partake in your commencement exercises, packing, moving, searching for a job, making post-graduation life plans . . . and of course figuring out how you will finance bar study and eventually pass the bar.

Starting today, focus only on what must be done today and expend your energies on those tasks alone. Yes, you can do it ALL, but you are not expected to do it all TODAY. Release yourself from the stress that accompanies the perceived overachiever. Graduation from law school is a huge milestone. Take a breather to celebrate yourself.

Live your life for the next two months with the same cadence that you will meet your success on the bar exam: one step, one day, one task, at a time.