As you await bar results, I'd like to offer a few words of comfort and support at an understandably unsettling time.

Believe in your prep - Find assurance that the investment you made in your bar prep - the time, the tears, the resources expended, was sound. Reflect on the bloodshed from paper cuts, the nervous sweat, and the likely more than a few tears; then think of the sleep you missed, the sacrifices you made, and lean on this and let it wrap you in comfort during these last few days.

Bypass negativity - You cannot afford the karmic intake of anything negative at this time in your life. Do not read reports of declining bar passage rates. Do not give audience to post hoc reviews of the bar exam essays or what the "perfect" answer should say. Bar passage does not require perfection. Bar passage requires grit, stamina, and an ability to apply the law: the very skills that you spent three years of law school and a winter in isolation practicing. Keep a positive outlook.

Busy yourself - Staying busy will help the remaining days pass more quickly and, hopefully, keep you from working yourself up into a lather with worry. Confidently proclaim that a bar card is in your future, whether now or at a later date.

Know that whatever happens, you are enough . . . and the outcome of this exam doesn't define you or your future legal career.