Today's bar study affirmation: You are Flawless!

You've made mistakes to get to this point, but not anymore. You can visualize your exam and you are ready to flawlessly execute the task you've trained to tackle for the past 10 weeks.
In your transition from missed questions to flawless trick-spotter you have mastered the art of prioritizing. Haircuts, manicures, and sometimes clean laundry, have become low priority losers to higher priority flash cards and bare bones study aids. You may weigh 20 pounds more or 10 pounds less than when bar study began, but whether your jeans sag or need be replaced with elastic band sweats, you are flawless.
Channel your inner Beyonce as you read about your flawlessness and sing:
🎼 Q-Bank, flawless
Writin' bar essays, flawless
Studyin' all night, flawless
This bar card, flawless
My bar card, flawless . . . 🎶
🎤I woke up like this
🎧I woke up like this
We flawless, BarCzar tell 'em
🔊I woke up like this
🎵I woke up like this